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  • Are the labels easy to write on?
    This can take a little bit of practice at first. You don't 'write' on the labels as easily as pen on paper - you need to scratch or etch the black surface away. A thin line may only take one go with the scriber but a thick line may need going over two or three times. If you're labelling hundreds of labels it may be best to purchase a battery-operated etching tool for ease and speed.
  • How long do the labels last?
    For years and years. In some cases labels are still legible after decades.
  • What are the labels made from?
    Our labels are made from PVC and coated in screening ink.
  • Can I return them for a refund?
    Yes you can. All our products are fully refundable. Just post them back in their original packaging to MacPennys Garden Labels, Bytheway, Dorchester Hill, Blandford St Mary, Dorset DT11 9AA.
  • Can I order labels from you pre-written?
    Yes, no problem. Just send an email with your requirements and we can write on them for a small extra fee.
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